Being Humans show explodes onstage from the minds and imaginations of performers and audience alike. From audience suggestions the group forms short scenes, longer scenes and ultimately full length stories that can morph into any direction they desire. A scene about young love can morph into a Broadway musical then a Tennessee Williams play then a raunchy sit-com or a Moliere-like farce. Everything that happens during the evening can be brought back and reformed into something new yet meaningful to the story. Cole Porter wrote a great song and that is really the motto of a Being Humans show: Anything Goes!

Current members include Christina Filios, Jordan Naftolin, Karen Ni, Mark Rubinstein and Elizabeth Woods all directed by Stan Wells.

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"Project Pillow Palace"
Saturday, March 27th at 10:00pm

The Pocket Theater
8312 Greenwood Ave North
(between N 83rd and N 84th)
Seattle WA 98103

$10 online - $14 at the door